Will Rays eBay Strategies

August 19, 2005

In my daily search for Epiphone guitars, I spotted this one with a BIN (Buy It Now) of $190. That seemed ridiculously cheap—even for a bottom feeder like myself—so I read the seller’s description very carefully.

Sure enough, this Olympic had a badly repaired headstock, the original bridge and tremolo were MIA, it was pretty beat up, and the original pickups had been swapped out for Seymour Duncans. Lately, I’ve had pretty good luck finding excellent playing guitars with repaired headstocks, so after checking the seller’s feedback, payment methods, and shipping costs ($30), I made a bold move and hit the BIN button. BIN is now the best way to find true bargains on eBay—but you have to be the first to jump on it.

When the Olympic arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that it played in tune, and that the frets were usable, if a little worn. The replacement Duncan pickups were extremely weak sounding, but a little investigation uncovered that they were wired incorrectly. After a little rewiring, the Duncans sounded very rich and full. Because the seller was a music store, one would have thought its repair department would have fixed this. However, they probably figured the guitar had too many other problems to bother with repairs. It suited me fine, though. They got rid of a problem guitar, and I got a little piece of my childhood back. It’s really a fun guitar to play. This was a win/win situation for everyone.

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