Will Dailey and T Bone Burnett on CODE Technology

October 1, 2009

RATHER THAN RELEASE ONE ALBUM WITH 12 songs every year, Will Dailey has taken to putting out EPs as often as he feels like. His latest, Torrent Vol. 1 and Torrent Vol. 2, not only feature special guests Roger McGuinn and Elliott Easton, but are also being presented in CODE, a high-definition audio format pioneered by T Bone Burnett. —Matt Blackett

What is CODE?

Burnett: It is a high-fidelity audio standard and optimization system that we created as a response to the complete lack of quality controls in the production, manufacturing, and distribution of recorded music today.

Dailey: By the time a fan buys a CD or mp3 they are getting a copy of a copy, sometimes even more. CODE is the highest quality audio yet delivered to the consumer. It is untarnished by the manufacturing and distribution process.

Burnett: Today most people are listening to the equivalent of a Xerox of a Polaroid of a photograph of a painting. We want listeners to be able to hear the music as we intended it to sound when we recorded it.

From a guitar standpoint, what are the sonic advantages?

Dailey: It allows us to feel confident that we can capture the sounds of the amps, guitars, and mics we want and that they will be conveyed faithfully. Specifically, on Torrent Vol. 1 and 2, the guitars are clean to semi-distorted. But we captured the overall sounds of the guitars by blending two close mics on the amp and having a room mic on each guitar. The guitar tracks fill out the sound beautifully, and you’ll hear the spread of the room mics panned on the other side of the stereo field. Often this depth is wishful thinking with mp3s, but we were confident our efforts and care would be represented via the CODE process.

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