Web Hordes September 2009

September 1, 2009
GUITAR PLAYER INVITES all D.I.Y. artists and bands to share their guitar skills with our reader community. This opportunity is open to any player/band with a Web site or MySpace page that has their music posted. All you have to do is go to myspace.com/ guitarplayermag, add the magazine as a friend, and invite “Editor Boy” to your music space. If you’re not on MySpace, simply send an invite to mmolenda@musicplayer .com. I’ll check out your tracks and determine whether you get coverage in this column. Tracks are evaluated for creativity, composition, guitar chops, and audio-production quality— or you may make the cut simply because your track is surprising, interesting, or brilliantly awful. Good luck!

Archer Santa Cruz, California “Pride Before the Fall”


All the elements are here—a ballsy, melodic guitarist who can shred on demand, a solid bassist, an exciting and propulsive drummer, and appropriately edgy vocals. But while the “Pride” chorus has a nice twist, Archer just misses nailing the level of songwriting that would match their formidable talents. Watch these guys.

Ken Arconti Santa Cruz, California “As the Years Go Passing By”


Arconti serves up some very smooth and vibey blues wrapped up in a honey voice and a wickedly articulate guitar tone. No innovation here, and nothing so stunning that it rises above the typical, well-performed blues-club fare, but “Years” is nonetheless a mighty enjoyable—and, at times, even thrilling—listening experience.

Rich Fabec Anna, Illinois “Sonya Boogie”


Fabec has some tricks up his sleeve, but there’s precious little “boogie” in “Sonya Boogie.” The rhythm section is so blatantly stiff (bad drum machine?) and the kickdrum punches so goofy that the fractured groove commands more attention than Fabec’s wonderfully slinky guitar lines. Don’t let this happen to you.

Tom Diecidue Harrisburg, Pennsylvania “Funk Out”


I would have called this tune “Freak Out.” Its frenetic pace ain’t something you can dance to—unless you happen to be a caffeinated greyhound. Diecidue takes few breaths as he fires off his relentless riffs, and while the onslaught can be exciting, it’s also rather exhausting and decidedly un-funky.

Colin John Band North Kohala, Hawaii “Foxey Lady”


Is this what Hendrix would have sounded like if he had escaped the rat race, moved to Hawaii, taken up surfing, and let the sun and waves bestow their laidback highs? In his take on Jimi’s classic, John replaces sexual intensity with a sloth-like nonchalance that’s simultaneously disturbing and engaging.

Harvey Valdes Brooklyn, New York “Listen”


If I were rescoring the “human machines” scene of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, I’d pick this track. Accompanied only by a humungous, resonant kick drum and a metallic snare, Valdes’ splintered guitar tones impart dread, isolation, and hopelessness. It’s a chilling soundtrack for a bleak, joyless world I hope we never see.

Chris Buhler Harrisville, Pennsylvania “Harsh Reality”


Buhler’s gently picked melodies and bell-like acoustic tones are lovely, alluring, and kind of sad. Perhaps the “harsh reality” is ironic, or the awful truth is hidden in this piece’s poignant and somber mood. Kudos to Buhler for having the creative confidence to let listeners take their own journey.

KB Guitar Project Paris, France “Twelve Ways to Warm Up Your Days”


Here’s a seven-minute collection of melodic shredding, fabulous technique, good tones, wacky samples, strange bloops and bleeps, and tons of fun. Some players get oh-so-serious about their talents, and it kind of mutes the enjoyment factor of their tracks, but KB isn’t afraid to blend killer chops and good humor.

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