Web Exclusive! Reviewed: The Guitar Arpeggio Compendium

April 3, 2009

Arpeggio Book

Despite its title, this 75-page instructional and reference book is much more than an exhaustive collection of arpeggios. McGill—who is the Course Coordinator at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music—doesn’t just tell you which notes are called what, as most books of this type do, he teaches you how to deploy the concepts musically in a very concise and logical way. Among the many topics covered are scales derived from arpeggios, two-note-per-string arpeggios, open-string arpeggios, arpeggios with harmonics, triad inversion arpeggios, and polytonal and quartal arpeggios. There’s also a section on exotic and synthetic scales. The book is structured so that it may be read sequentially, or as a collection of essays on individual topics, making it easy to access just the material you are interested in at the moment, and put it to use making music immediately. Visit scottmcgill.com to view sample pages, or to download a PDF copy, and take a few minutes to check out McGill and his music while you are there. —Barry Cleveland

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