Version 2.0 of Wusikstation Released

July 7, 2005

Additional features in version 2 include:

  • Better File/Preset dialog browser. Now you can organize your files the way you want to. This is a BIG change, as now you can organize very LARGE libraries using any number of level-down sub-directories. This covers SoundSets, Sounds and Presets
  • Categorization of Presets now possible, thanks to the new File dialog above
  • MicroTuning support via Scala .TUN files
  • MouseWheel and Keyboard support for all hosts. Copy and Paste of Layers, Left/Right for Next/Previous preset, Left/Right/Up/Down to edit Wavesequencers and most parameters on the screen
  • File-Search for when a SoundSet/Sound is not found
  • Loads DASHsnd files directly
  • Option to disable program changes
  • Clicking 'edit' again while in the effects page goes back to the previous section
  • Loads old songs created with V1.x.x and also old Skins (will use a default Configuration and File-Browser graphics)
Those that pre-ordered V1.2.0/WusikMOD/V2.0.0 in the past will not only get V2.0.0, but will also receive DigiOne and a FREE copy of the future Wusikstation Advanced VSTi, yet to be announced.

For more information, visit their web site at

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