Veillette Terz 12 Raises the 12-string to New Heights

January 5, 2011

0.000.aaveilletterzContinuing the Veillette Guitars tradition of fresh new ideas with musical results, the Terz 12 is an intriguing hybrid that combines elements of tenor guitars, classic 12-strings, mandocellos, and the ever-popular Gryphon high-tuned 12.
Tuned up to G or A, and tuned with unison pairs on every course, the Terz 12 bursts with volume, sparkle, and character (acquiring the nickname "Terzilla"!). The higher range makes this a powerful tool for layering over standard guitars, doubling or mimicking mandolin or bouzouki parts, or for playing solo in an intriguing sonic middle ground.
The unison courses produce a full, natural chorus effect that make the Terz 12 sound like an orchestra of traditional and ethnic instruments all rolled into one compact and supremely playable package – all with no learning curve for the guitarist.
Starting at $3,720 retail, the Terz 12 is handmade in Veillette Guitars' Woodstock NY workshop. Veillette builds a full line of acoustic and electric guitars and basses, with extensive custom shop capability. Customers include Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, Neal Schon, Joe Perry, Eddie Van Halen, "Skunk" Baxter, Colin Hay, Keller Williams, and many more.

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