Under the Radar Damir Simic Shime

May 1, 2010

Shime dedicates Tone Addict [Camel Toe] to “all the tone-obsessed fanatics out there,” and he walks it like he talks it by cutting loose with some big, ballsy, and beautiful sonic colors of his own. Every note jumps out of each track with such feral clarity that it’s almost as if he’s kickboxing his strings with pointy, steel-toed boots—which makes it even more impressive that, whatever tonal mayhem he’s unleashing, you can still hear every sonic and dynamic nuance of his Stratocaster. But Tone Addict isn’t just a collection of marvelously edgy, soaring, and articulate guitar sounds. Shime also has an impressive grasp of pop-composition smarts, and, as a result, you can dig the songs as much as his dazzling technique. He can shred, for sure, but his melodies, riffs, and arrangements are what will keep you blasting Tone Addict on your iPod. As a bonus, Shime included his backing tracks on the CD, so you can grab your guitar and try to kick his ass. Good luck with that.







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