Uncle Ernie’s Booster

December 3, 2007

The JFET-derived distortion sounds equally good with humbuckers or single-coils, and the response is very dynamic. Whip your guitar volume up and the circuit pours out a torrent of distortion for solos or heavier chording. Turn down your guitar and you get a lively, shimmering, clean/grind thing that works excellently for strummed or fingerpicked rhythm parts. The neat thing is that you can peg both controls and still revel in this kind of guitar-controlled fun. Not all distortion pedals allow you to use their entire range so easily, and that’s what makes the Booster cool.

Kudos  Great dynamics. Excellent clarity with humbuckers. Voicing switch helps to fatten single-coils.

Concerns  No clean boosting ability.

Contact Uncle Ernie’s Effects (303) 373-6730; uncleernieseffects.com 

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