Ultex Sharp and Max Grip Jazz III picks

December 1, 2009
Available in .73mm, 90mm, 1.00mm, 1.14mm, and 1.40mm, the Ultex Sharps ($2.69 for six, street) are made from a super tough plastic that resists wear and offers a hard but responsive surface that glides against the strings for an ultra responsive feel. The glasssmooth edges and pointed tip facilitate fast playing, making the Ultex Sharps well suited for any style, whether you pummel the strings or pick with surgical finesse. Fans of the classic Jazz III pick will dig Dunlop’s new Max Grip Jazz III, which has the same sharp, beveled tip along with a coarse, nonslip texture that’s molded into the entire gripping surface. You practically can’t lose your grip on them, which is a nice thing with these small, thick picks. Available in Black Stiffo and Red Nylon.
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