Ulf Högberg

September 19, 2005

Home Base: Sweden

Age: 39

Style: Rock, pop, jazz fusion, blues, country, bluegrass.

Influences: Pat Metheny, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Scott Henderson, Tony Rice, Mike Stern.

Gear: Assorted James Tyler electrics, Taylor acoustics, Custom Audio OD-100, Xotic RC-Booster, Keeley Compressor, Voodoo Labs Proctavia and MicroVibe, Eventide Eclipse, D’Addario strings.

Best Moment at GH05: “Meeting all the fab players and hanging with judges such as Satch and Luke. GH05 represented more of an event that promoted diversity rather than a competition. Everybody was such a star—both as a player and as a human—so the tension of a competition was never present. It was an excellent platform to showcase the depths and widths of a high-quality guitar community that proves the art of lead guitar never really died.”

Web Site: “Sorry—no site at the moment!”

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