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January 1, 2005

The Apple iPod is a major on the list of new technologies, but digital cameras are making their way onto the scene in a big way. The Che-ez Foxz2 ($100) is particularly popular due to its ultra-slim shape and low price. This is a great reason to ditch the disposables when capturing senior-year memories or other outrageous moments in life. Visit for more information.

Orange Cheez
Che-ez Foxz2

And if you want to assess youth culture by what it watches, be advised that the hottest and most addicting TV show right now is surprisingly not of the Reality TV variety. It’s The OC—a hit drama that has people either loathing its existence, or loving it so much that they become “OC’d.” The show is so tempting because it is about beautiful people, their beautiful lifestyles, and their screwed-up families. And it is most definitely not a chick flick, because even the toughest guys get hooked. So if you want a peek into the fashions, music, and subject matter that excites teens and 20-somethings, check out the show, or go to

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