Tony Gaglio

September 19, 2005

Home Base: New York

Age: 30-something

Style: Rock, blues.

Influences: Randy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa.

Gear: ’79 Gibson Les Paul Standard and ’79 Les Paul KM, ’57 Supro (for slide), ESP Mirage Deluxe, two Marshall JCM 800 50-watt half stacks, Marshall DSL 401 combo, Ampeg Reverberocket reissue, Dunlop CryBaby, MXR Phase 90, ADA MP-1.

Best Moment at GH05: “The mystery and expectation caused some underlying tension on the trip in, but once I started meeting the guys, it turned into a really relaxing day. It was a big friendly meet up of new buddies! When I finally got on stage, I felt like I was home. Tommy Rich and his band were flat-out killer on my song. The moment the crowd started clapping along with the groove, I knew I had ’em. It was an honor being chosen to perform with such an elite—and literally global—group of guitarists.”

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