Tonehunter Juicy Fruit

April 1, 2010

gp0410_gear8464‘The Juicy Fruit ($543 retail/street price N/A) is identical in every aspect to the Hot Tuna, save for its two mini-toggle switches, which are labeled Vitamin and Protein. The Tonehunter folks state that this pedal is recommended for fans of “California juice tone,” and while it’s not exactly clear what that means, the Juicy Fruit is a more laid back companion to the Hot Tuna, and is intended for blues players, rockers, and modern jazzers. The Fruit’s raison d’etre is tube-flavored distortion. It has lots of output too, and can deliver a hot signal regardless of where the Burn (gain) control is set. The Voice control offers plenty of top-end slice, but can also elicit very buttery tones at lower settings. My favorite way to use this pedal with a PRS 22 was to put the Voice knob a little south of halfway, the Burn knob nearly all the way up, and the Protein switch at its upward setting (for maximum gain and ballsiness—a configuration that nicely accommodated the 22’s slightly reduced output when using it in split mode. The Juicy’s lack of super-high-gain capability may be a dealbreaker to some, but if you like the concept of a tube-style pedal that doesn’t add a lot of its own color to the sound, then the Juicy Fruit could be a tasty addition to your tone menu.

—Art Thompson

KUDOS Clear, tube-like distortion. Lots of output.
CONCERNS Very expensive.

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