Tommy Bolan Sets Up a Personal Monitor Zone

May 1, 2010

gp0510_riffs_Bolantech_nr“THIS ONE GIG FINALLY DISGUSTED ME,” SAYS TOMMY BOLAN of the band, N.Y.C. “I blew my voice out because I couldn’t hear my vocals, I couldn’t get into the sweet spot to hear my guitar, and the non-existent monitor mixer at the club was obviously no help. After that disaster, I decided to set up my own portable and personal monitor system. It’s simple, and it just takes an extra ten minutes to get up and running. I send my Electro-Voice N/D967 mic ($199 street) and DigiTech Vocal 300 ($179 street) into an ART ProSplit mic splitter ($50 street) that routes one line to the house system and another to either an Alto PS4LA ($322 street) or Fender 1270P ($259 street) powered monitor. I use an Ebtech Hum X ($69 street) to eliminate grounding issues from venue to venue, and to keep noise and buzz problems at bay. I also have the option of using two monitors, and running an additional line from my Bugera 333XL head—or my DigiTech G1101 or Rocktron Prophesy rack modules—in order to hear my Cort K-6 guitar through the left monitor, and my vocals in the right monitor. Now, if the house monitors are ‘slacking’ that night, or if my cabinets are too far behind me, or if I need to maintain a low stage volume, I can stand in front of my system, secure that I will hear myself to matter what happens with the house monitor mix. Then, all I need to do is focus on the show, and tear it up.”




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