Tim Kasher On Going Solo

January 1, 2011

gp0111_riffs_kash4_nr.jpgCURSIVE AND GOOD LIFE GUITARIST Tim Kasher had plenty of indie street cred already, but now the guy is fully independent with the release of his first solo record, The Game of Monogamy [Saddle Creek]. Although always eclectic, Kasher is even eclectic-er on Monogamy, pairing his guitar and voice with strings, woodwinds, and brass instruments. —Matt Blackett

What can you do on a solo record that you can’t do on a Cursive record?

Mostly there’s a freedom of songwriting. In Cursive, we try to stay as “genreless” as possible, but at the end of the day we still recognize certain parameters involved and it’s a more specific, stylistic approach to songwriting. Under my own name, I feel comfortable writing absolutely anything: Cursive material, Good Life material, or whatever else may come up.

Do you have a favorite guitar tone on this record?

I do—the electric guitar on “Cold Love” was an experiment that worked out fairly well. It was the first time I attempted to use the “Nuke” function on the Empirical Labs Distressor. I turned up my Princeton Reverb pretty loud, then nuked it, so to speak. It came out fairly crunchy.

Were the guitar and vocal on “Strays” tracked at the same time or separately?

Those were tracked separately. I really love how that guitar sounds. Brett [Allen, engineer] recorded that, and I recall how pleased we both were with the results. The mic was really hot, I know that much.

gp0111_riffs_kash1_nr.jpgThe Game of Monogamy


What’s it like to be the only guy in history to play a Gibson Corvus?

Correction: Me and the guy in the Buckaroo Banzai movie! Unfortunately, I smashed that thing in Dallas a few years back. It had it coming.

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