The New Veillette Doubleneck

January 21, 2011
0.000.aadoubleveilletteVeillette Guitars, well-known for playable innovations, are proud to introduce a new approach for the doubleneck guitar.

The Veillette Doubleneck features necks that are rotated or “rolled” along their axis, in opposite directions from each other.  This deceptively simple idea opens up full access to both necks, in a totally natural arc for the player’s arm.  This also allows closer spacing between necks without compromising access, minimizing needless extra size and weight.

The newly designed open-face headpieces, along with the lightest tuning machines ever produced, produce a doubleneck that balances better than most standard guitars. Tuning is easier thanks to the rear-facing handles.  The look is very clean, modern, and appealing.

 A carefully chambered body and careful choice of hardware put this beautifully balanced guitar under the 10 lb. mark - lighter than many classic electrics, and astonishingly lightweight for a doubleneck!

A full range of custom tunings, scales, pickups, controls, and wiring make the Veillette Doubleneck an open platform, capable of any sound, style, or situation.
Quite simply, it’s the most playable, practical, and stage-ready doubleneck guitar you’ve ever picked up.

Starting at $5,900 retail, the Doubleneck is handmade in Veillette Guitars’ Woodstock NY workshop.  Veillette builds a full line of acoustic and electric guitars and basses, with extensive custom shop capability.  Customers include Eddie Van Halen, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Neal Schon, Joe Perry, “Skunk” Baxter, Ani DiFranco, Colin Hay, Keller Williams, and many more.

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