The Cribs on Avoiding Creative Malaise

May 1, 2010

gp0510_riffs_cribs3_nr“THERE ARE INHERENT DANGERS IN GETTING COMFORTABLE with the guitar,” says Cribs co-guitarist Johnny Marr before soundchecking at Bimbo’s, San Francisco, where the band blasted through its latest release, Ignore the Ignorant [Warner Bros]. “For example, you can watch television and noodle around—which some people think is good for your technique. I don’t think that at all. You’re not really engaged, so all it does is train you to be lukewarm about playing the guitar. You’re on cruise control.”









gp0510_riffs_cribs_nr“Music needs tension,” adds Cribs founder (with brothers Gary and Ross) and co-guitarist Ryan Jarman. “There needs to be a subtle sense that something is building up. Sometimes, it’s best not to play anything. Or maybe you’ll double a part, or go up an octave. But your intuition should guide you to something exciting—not something cheesy or clichéd. So the only time I ever play my guitar is when I rehearse or write or perform. Then, when I come upon a good idea, I’m really excited about it because it sounds fresh. I haven’t exhausted all my ideas by practicing in my living room.”

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