The Bomb

March 22, 2011

gp0311_gear_4668_nrThe Bomb Based on the MXR Micro Amp, the Bomb (Price N/A) sports 26+ dB of munitions grade output to pummel the front end of your amp. With my Telecaster plugged into the Bomb, I hit unity gain around three, and after that, a rich, delectable grind rife with juicy harmonics began pushing the Victoria 5112 and adding some subtle hair to the tone. Once the Bomb was up around halfway, it kicked an already grinding amp into fits of midrange-rich squawk. Turn the Bomb up even more and grinding debauchery is the order of the day, especially with the Les Paul Standard. When cranked, the Bomb mercilessly bullied our amps, producing a thick, corpulent, barking tone that made a Tele fat and squawky, and turned a Les Paul into a cream machine. The Bomb is also super dynamic, affording you some lovely overtones—from subtle to sick—with plenty of interaction via your guitar’s volume control. Simple, with tone for days, the Bomb is indeed that.










gp0311_gear_4676_nrKUDOS Dynamic sounding booster with a ton of tonal range.












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