The 11th Anniversary Edition of the Thanks Jimi Festival Happens May 1st in Wrocław, Poland

April 26, 2013
May 1st 2013 will see the 11th anniversary edition of the Thanks Jimi Festival in Wrocław, Poland. This will include an attempt to break the festival's 2012 world record of 7,273 guitar players playing together on the song "Hey Joe" in Wrocław's old market square.

In addition to those taking part in the free event in Wrocław others will be joining in worldwide via the web in both organized smaller events as well as individually online at

So, wherever you are, we invite YOU to join us as part of this musical union.

"With the power of soul anything is possible"  ~ Jimi Hendrix

Special guests this year include:

Bruce Kulick (Kiss)

John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, Ratt)

Jennifer Batten

Preston Reed

Niki Buzz

Russian balalaika virtuoso Alexey Arkhipovsky

Ukrainian fingerstylist Roman Miroshnichenko

and top Polish guitar players including festival founder Leszek Cichonski, Adam Palma, Krzysztof Pelech, Wojciech Hoffman, Krzysztof Misiak, Bartek Miarka, slap bass phenomenon Wojciech Pilichowski and others.

Many bands will play throughout the day and there will be associated concerts that night.

Past guests and participants have included Leon Hendrix, Marcus Miller, Steve Morse, Hiram Bullock, Greg Koch, Al Di Meola, Tommy Emmanuel, Ten Years After, Neil Zaza and many others.

All the details on the web at:




This event is presented with the support of the city of Wrocław. 

Wroclaw city official website:

From Steve Morse's blog:

We just got back, and I mean, JUST got back from our gig in Poland. It was so unusual in so many ways. The crowd was basically sold out, solid from the stage to as far as we could see, outdoors. And it wasn't raining! Our opening act, Leszek Cichonski feat. Stan Skibby, was incredibly good. I had a great time reminscing with Stan, who does a Hendrix-like set with them, singing and playing. Everybody played so well, and was so down-to-earth.

Earlier today, I played onstage with them at a town square, for the Guiness book of World records. The most guitar players playing "Smoke on the Water". For sure, if they don't get the world's record, something is seriously wrong, because there were 6,000 people in front of us, with guitars, playing it! At the end of the song, they all held up their guitars, mostly acoustic, and it looked like we were in a forest. Nothing but guitars for as far as you could see. We also played "Hey Joe", which Stan sang, and everybody played along with that one. Last year, they had 1800 plus people playing along with that song. In the middle of the song today, they brought the volume way down, and you could only hear the background singers and the thousands of acoustics playing C,G,D,A,E.......

After that, I don't know how the gig could be any more intense. But, it was. The crowd was totally into everything, and when they sang along on "Smoke" it was the loudest ever. A lot of them were at the town square earlier, and they knew it for sure! Fantastic crowd. Don played some Chopin, which they all seemed to recognize, and knew he had Polish roots.
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