THE $100 GUITAR PROJECT 65 Guitarists Unite to Fight World Poverty

February 5, 2013
The $100 GUITAR PROJECT began two years ago, when Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O'Meara made an online purchase of a humble $100 electric guitar. As a lark, they came up with the idea of asking some of their guitar-playing friends to write and record a short piece on the guitar. Each player that signed up had one week to write a piece, record it, and send the guitar on to the next player. Before long, the guitar had traveled cross-country, to Europe, and back to the USA (including Hawaii), covering 30,000 miles! Sixty-nine tracks were recorded by 65 players--enough to fill two CDs.
As a part of the project, every player agreed to give up his or her royalty. 100% of the artist royalties of this production, and a contribution from Bridge Records, are being paid to CARE, a leading organization fighting world poverty.

What's on the two CDs? A lot! Tracks range from current rock 'guitar heros' like Colin Marston, Wilco's Nels Cline, and Testament's Alex Skolnick, to leading names in the field of more experimental genres, like Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp, Mark Stewart, and Rhys Chatham, to finger-style guitarists like Janet Feder and David Starobin, to free improvisors like Barry Cleveland, Marco Cappelli and Ron Anderson, back again to rock legends like Mark Hitt of Rat Race Choir, Andy Aledort, Chris Murphy, and so many more! In short, these sixty-nine tracks present a fascinating album of what 65 men and women of wildly differing musical backgrounds came up with using exactly the same starting tool. Referring to the variety of expression encountered on these two discs, one critic called the $100 Guitar Project: "a comprehensive survey of the state of the art of the guitar at the end of the 21st century's first decade.”
The initial media interest in this project has been extraordinary.
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Now available: BRIDGE 9381A/B (Two CDs)
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