Teppei Teranishi On Guitar Solos

February 14, 2006

“I feel that a lot of rock and roll guitar solos are uncalled for, and yet I’m really into blues and jazz solos, because they feel more like a part of the music. In jazz, somebody is soloing all the time, but it’s done tastefully. Rock solos are more about the guitar player having his or her moment, and playing as many licks as possible, which isn’t really musical. It’s funny, though. My idea of a guitar solo may be different from what kids these days call a guitar solo. They ask me about my solos, and, looking back, there are songs on Thrice’s earlier albums—such as The Illusion of Safety—where I never stop riffing, but those parts weren’t written as guitar solos. Those riffs were my way of channeling the aggression that came from listening to Metallica and Megadeath as I was growing up. On our new record, I’ve hopefully moved towards being a more tasteful player myself. I’ve gotten away from metal riffing, and I’ve been making sure that every riff, lick, and lead part is there because the music calls for it, not because I simply felt like playing it.”

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