TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

March 27, 2012

I reviewed what can now be called the HUGE PolyTune in the March 2010 issue of GP, and I gave it an Editors’ Pick A ward. A s the first polyphonic stompbox tuner, this mad genius of a pedal changed the tuning paradigm by letting you strum all six strings simultaneously, and immediately see which strings were sour. You could also check the tuning of individual strings, and the PolyTune instantly “knew” whether you were engaging polyphonic or chromatic mode. It was simple to use, highly visible in most lighting situations, and, quite simply, a badass true-bypass beast.

The PolyTune Mini ($149 retail) delivers all the glories of the original PolyTune in a size that can fit into a slim sunglass case. This is obviously good news for crowded pedalboards. You can replace a full-size tuner with the Mini, and perhaps add one more stompbox, or you can keep the pedal count the same, and simply enjoy more space between pedals. (Neatness counts!) The two operational trade-offs for the shrunken Mini are minor. The LED screen is smaller, but the LEDs are bright enough to ensure readability. A nd, as there’s no room in the tiny casing for a 9-volt battery, power must be provided by an optional AC adapter (which can add $5 or more to the package). The small, but mighty PolyTune Mini is a brilliant choice for players who embrace downsizing.— at least as far as gear is concerned.

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