Taylor Unveils T5 Soundcheck Interactive Website Feature

November 22, 2005

Visit the Taylor homepage, put on your headphones (or make sure you're listening through upgraded speakers, so you'll hear the full sonic impact of the high-quality soundclips), and click on the T5 Soundcheck link to experiment with three different virtual T5s. Check out the differences in the sound of a Sitka spruce, Big Leaf maple or Hawaiian koa-topped T5, played through a selection of Vox, Fender, Marshall, and Line 6 amplifiers, or through a Taylor K4 Equalizer/Preamp and P.A. system.

In addition, you can click a graphic representation of the T5's custom 5-way switch to try out various configurations of Taylor's proprietary T5 electronics. Wondering how that luscious maple-topped T5-C1 sounds using only the lipstick-tube-looking humbucker positioned above the bridge, and running through a Line 6 amp, with a heavy dose of smooth chorus and a burbling, expansive delay? Simply click on the appropriate icons and you'll hear a high-quality audio clip of a characteristic riff, played with those guitar and amp settings. Want to hear the same guitar with the neck sensor and bridge pickup in parallel, turned up "to 11" and ripping out of a Marshall half-stack? Just flick/click the appropriate switch. (Be careful with your headset volume)

Note: T5 Soundcheck requires the latest version of Flash. Your browser will prompt you to accept this free download, if necessary.

For more information, visit their web site at www.taylorguitars.com.

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