Tanabe Twin Custom

April 1, 2010

gp0410_gear0274The larger housing of the Twin Custom($550 direct) is designed to accommodate any combination of two Zumkudo and Dumkudo pedals. The double Zenkudo version on review here offers a staggering range of tones. Overdriving the input of the second stage with the first circuit took sustain and timbre off into new territories that no single pedal could achieve alone. And when routed directly into the mixing console in the studio, the twin Zenkudo version sounded more like a good amplifier with a mic on it, providing outstanding note detail, dynamics, and tonal complexity. Given a choice of what to put in a Twin Custom, I would select a Zenkudo/Dumkudo pairing for classic sounds, or two Dumkudos for sheer over-the-top intensity and sustain. It’s worth noting that the Twin Custom (or any of the other Tanabes) may be ordered with a lighter colored simulated pearl top, which makes it easier to read the control labeling.

—Henry Kaiser

KUDOS Quiet. Extremely versatile. A wide variety of both subtle and powerful tones.
CONCERNS Very pricey.
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