Tanabe Sunkudo

April 1, 2010

gp0410_gear8466The Sunkudo ($310) is a refinement of the Burns Buzzaround fuzz, an early-’70s pedal favored by Robert Fripp, who used it in both early-’70s King Crimson and during his initial collaborations with Brian Eno. The Sunkudo’s Fuzz, Sustain, and Volume controls are highly interactive, which means that it may not be easy to dial in the tone you want in just a few seconds. But with the investment of some time you can find an incredible variety of singing vintage fuzz sounds—including those classic Robert Fripp tones. The original Buzzaround circuit was quite a different animal from the Fuzz Faces and Tonebenders of its vintage, and the Sunkudo is very different from most fuzzes on the market today. It has its own sound and behavior, particularly in the way different harmonics of the guitar signal will leap out in lovely sustained feedback at higher gain settings. Since Tanabe apparently likes to have four knobs on his boxes, he has added a fourth control to adjust the brightness of the LED.

—Henry Kaiser

KUDOS Quiet. Very different-sounding from other fuzzes. Unusual vintage tones. Powerful, beautiful, and potentially scary sounds here.
CONCERNS Pricey. No external power jack (jack option is available).
CONTACT tanabe.tv

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