Tanabe Dumkudo

April 1, 2010

GJ7T0272The Dumkudo ($310 direct) is simply a higher-gain version of the Zenkudo (see page 95) designed to work better with single-coil pickups. I like the extremely high-gain tones that you can get from this pedal when using humbucking or active pickups. Fans of the highest- gain Dumble tones—as in the classic slide playing of Lowell George and David Lindley with their ’70s-era Dumbles—might prefer the Dumkudo, whereas the Zenkudo might be a better choice for those preferring subtle, more controlled tones. Again, the three modes produce quite different sounds and sonic behaviors. The green mode reminds me of the ’70s Dumbles, while the blue mode is more in the ’80s Dumble vein, and the red mode is both Marshall-y and Dumble-y at the same time.

—Henry Kaiser

KUDOS Quiet. Terrific aggressive tones with higher-output pickups. Excellent modern classic tones with single-coil pickups.
CONCERNS Pricey. Low contrast between control labels and abalone background can make it difficult to read the controls on stage.
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