Take a Stand!

March 12, 2013

Peavey’s Tablet Mounting System offers a flexible way to mount your iPad on stage.
AT SOME POINT, YOUR MOBILE device will be stationary—like using your iThingie on stage, or sitting down and recording—so you’ll want to protect it from the thousands of screaming fans mobbing the stage (or an over-enthusiastic pooch).

IK Multimedia’s iKlip 2 for iPad holds an iPad securely to mic stands up to 1.2” in diameter (there’s also an iKlip 2 for iPad mini), and uses a ball joint so you can twist it to pretty much any angle you want. For iPhones, Primacoustic offers the TelePad (with two versions for different iPhone and iPod Touch devices). This also attaches to a mic stand, with a cradle you can rotate and angle as needed. But perhaps the most important feature is a quick-release mechanism so you can easily remove the iPhone from the stand between sets. IK’s iKlip Mini also holds iPhones, but has the added feature of a detachable bracket for holding their iRig guitar interface.

Ultimate Support’s higher-end Hyper- Pad 5-in-1 Stand has a pole clamp for attaching to a mic stand or pole, but also mounts on the top of a mic stand with a 5/8" adapter and gooseneck arm for adjustability. A different clamp can attach to the edge of tables. Finally, Peavey’s rugged Tablet Mounting System attaches to mic stands, but also has an adapter to work with mic-stand threads, and can accommodate keyboard stands or tripods.

One thing is for sure—any of these will make you feel a little more secure about taking your iThingie out into the world.

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