Tackett Enterprises TakSlyd

June 22, 2006

Using the slide is as butt simple as you might guess. You just pop your finger into the slide, rip it off the Velcro, play your slide parts, and then stick it back on the Velcro when you’re finished riffing. A slight bit of fumble factor may occur if the slide moves around a bit on your finger, but, otherwise, the on/off movements are clean and swift. The only real hang up with the TakSlyd is that you have to own a guitar with enough headstock real estate to properly affix the slide. It works brilliantly on a Strat—which is the main guitar the company uses to demo the device—but it fits less well on a PRS McCarty, and forget about it on a short-headstock Music Man. The slides are 21" long, and you can order widths to fit between or under your tuners—small (1"), medium (11"), and large (12"). But attachment issues aside, the TakSlyd is a primo gadget that every slide zealot should own.

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