T-Rex Introduces the Hobo Drive Overdrive

January 13, 2012
imgThe new Hobo Drive from T-Rex Effects is a spectacular overdrive pedal that’s built to put you firmly in the driver’s seat. Hobo Drive is so configurable and so gorgeous sounding, it’s hard to imagine that no one has thought of it before.

At its core, Hobo Drive is a 2-stage preamp controlled via traditional Preamp and Master volume controls. But that’s not all. A Tone control lets you customize your overdrive sound right from the start, shaping its timbre to your exact tastes. Don’t worry: No matter how you set it, Hobo Drive delivers the warm, vintage- sounding tone T-Rex is famous for.

On top of the preamp core, you get a very useful boost function for soloing, single-note lines, you name it. This not only makes Hobo Drive a more versatile pedal, it can eliminate the need for an external boost pedal, if you normally use an overdrive sound for your lead playing.
When you kick your Hobo Drive into boost mode, it takes your overdrive sound up to the volume level you’ve set. But Hobo Drive lets you do something else: An ingenious Pre/Post switch gives you the option of boost- ing your signal before it hits the preamp – to add even more drive as you raise the stakes with extra volume.
It’s a sound you’ve really got to hear to believe – and we believe that once you’ve heard it, you won’t want to leave the music store without a brand new T-Rex Hobo Drive.
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