T-Rex Engineering Reptile 2

October 24, 2011


The T-Rex Reptile 2 gives you features like tap tempo and tape
and analog delay simulation, at a very reasonable price.
The Danish-made Replica 2 is a digital unit that features a handy Flutter function for dialing in analog and tape-delay simulations. The unit has two footswitches—one for activating the effect, and another for tap tempo. Other controls include Repeat (feedback), Time, and Level. There’s also an overload LED that lights up when you hit the pedal with too much input signal. If that occurs, you can attenuate the input with a small knob on the right side of the unit. Push it and it pops it out for adjustment.

The Reptile 2 is powered by standard 9-volt power supply, but in a pinch you can also run it for brief periods (T-Rex says between 30 to 60 minutes) on a 9-volt battery.

Situated in the middle of the pedal, the Flutter section comprises three small controls: Tone attenuates the high frequencies on the delayed signal—which I found useful for dialing in more authentic-sounding analog-delay simulations—while Speed and Width govern the modulation effect. By spending a little time tweaking the Speed and Width controls, I could get a convincing emulation of the warbly timbre of tape delay. Worth noting is that the original Reptile pedal let you bypass the Flutter section by simply pressing the right-hand footswitch. With the Reptile 2, that footswitch is dedicated to the tap-tempo function, so the only way to disable Flutter is to turn the Speed and Width knobs fully to the left. Nevertheless, the tradeoff in order to have tap tempo is one I’d take any day.

The Reptile 2’s input and output jacks are located on the back of the housing, which can save space on a crowded pedalboard. This pedal is not suitable for use in a parallel effects loop, however, as there’s no way to output a 100-percent wet signal. You can adjust the wet/dry mix using the Echo control, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the dry signal, even when turned fully to the right.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a delay pedal with convincing analog/tape emulation and a tap-tempo function, the Reptile 2 offers pretty much everything you need at a very attractive price.

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