Studio Electronics Wolftone Chaos

March 1, 2005

Unlike a lot of distortion pedals, the Wolftone Chaos ($249 retail/$209 street) has enough range to accommodate blues players and sound sculptors alike. Custardy thick distortion is no problem for the U.S.-made Wolftone, but any pedal with controls labeled Hair, Dimension, and Entropy obviously has some other tricks in store. Truth be told, the Wolftone’s strength is really the sicker stuff, which you’ll quickly appreciate by how spitting and suckingly compressed your tone becomes as you turn up the Entropy knob. Need more chaos? Try flicking on the Hair switch—which enhances the second and third harmonics—to make the distortion thinner and more biting. And while you’re at it, make sure the Dimension switch is turned off (which takes the fundamental out of the picture) in order to obtain maximum mosquito bite. If these three functions don’t fulfill your twisted tone fantasy, what you really need is a ring modulator.

KUDOS A dual-personality pedal that accommodates the sane and the sickos.

CONCERNS No bypass LED (future models will have LEDs). No Tone control. Needs a 9-volt adapter with a positive-polarity center pin (i.e. don’t try it with a Boss PSA-1).

CONTACT (310) 640-3546;

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