June 3, 2010

 It’s not uncommon for a musician to record more work than they release. In Vai’s case, the Grammy® award-winning guitarist has a digital
ocean of snippets in various degrees of completion. Some are leftovers from assorted sessions, projects that were never completed, soundcheck jams, or songs that were specific to a particular venture.


“There are enough lonely, unreleased notes in my world to fill an infinity shelf,” says Vai. In between composing new scores for his upcoming
performance with the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, Vai has transformed these snippets into full, lush songs and these rarities are being released as a series of single digital downloads called VaiTunes.
Each release comes with a PDF booklet containing detailed notes about the creation of
the song, the story behind the recording, and gear involved. The latest release from the
series, “The Moon and I” evolved from a soundcheck jam in Athens, Greece in the spring
of 2000. The PDF liner notes allow the listener to follow Vai as he birthed the chord
changes in Greece and subsequently watered and fertilized the song ten years later half
way around the world in his Encino studio. Equally fascinating is the story of the guitar
used to finish “The Moon and I.” Under unique circumstances, Vai recently purchased an
original Desert Yellow Ibanez JEM 777DY guitar, a guitar he designed in 1987, from a
local pawnshop and named the guitar “Moon.”
Vai plans to offer one track every month or so, each one representing a unique moment
in his personal musical history. The releases can be purchased via iTunes and other
digital music providers worldwide through  .

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