Steve Booke

January 20, 2006

Guitarist: Steve Booke

Age: 36

Style: World, progressive rock

Influences: John McLaughlin, Steve Morse, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Main Guitars: Emerald and Larrivee

Location: Sacramento, CA

Background: Beginning at age 15, Booke dedicated himself to practicing six-to-eight hours a day within the first six months of playing. That intense practice regimen, coupled with a large dose of innate talent, lead him to believe that if he worked hard he could make a career out of playing the guitar. A degree from Berklee College of Music solidified his commitment. Booke leads a five-piece acoustic world music ensemble called Violet Samundra, has released a solo album (Rare Earth), and has recorded music for MTV-1, VH-1, and independent films. Booke’s style ranges from acoustic world music to progressive metal, and he sports a full spectrum of shred guitar techniques.


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