SoundToys Announces TDM Effects Bundle

September 9, 2005

This comprehensive bundle includes full-featured TDM versions of SoundToys' entire plug-in line:

  • EchoBoy -- Professional echo/delay, comprising thirty different "Echo Styles" and including 300+ presets
  • SoundBlender -- Dual intelligent pitch-shifter, filter, delay, and multi-FX
  • FilterFreak -- Resonant analog rhythmic filtering, with support for MIDI sync
  • PhaseMistress -- An analog-sounding phaser featuring extensive modulation
  • PurePitch -- Format corrected pitch-shifting and harmony creation
  • PitchDoctor -- Realistic-sounding automatic intonation correction
  • Tremolator -- Classic tremolo and programmable auto-gate with support for MIDI sync
  • SPEED -- Pitch transposition and time compression/expansion
  • Crystallizer -- Pitch-shifting time slicing delay, also supporting MIDI sync
For more information, visit their web site at

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