SoundTech Announces The AMP3 Guitar Amplifier And Computer Music Center

April 20, 2006

The AMP3's guitar input features four amp sounds - Clean, Hot Tube, Over Drive and High Gain and a tone expander control that changes the sound of a guitar from warm and rich to bright with heavy undertones. The AMP3 includes an extension speaker for a big sound and a headphone jack for quiet "practice sessions." The AMP3 is powered by the included AC adaptor or a 9V battery for the on-the-go player.

AMP3 customers can easily plug in their MP3 or CD player and listen to their music collection. Should inspiration strike, simply plug in a guitar to the AMP3 guitar input, tune-up with the integrated tuner and jam along using the AMP3 built-in DSP effects. The AMP3 features a line-in and line-out making it a perfect companion for listening to and recording music on a PC or MP3 player.

Today's PCs enable consumers to collect and enjoy music using applications such as iTunes and Windows Media Player. Consumers can also record, layer and mix original musical creations with applications such as Apple GarageBand and Sony Acid Music Studio. The AMP3 bridges these two worlds by giving users the features and flexibility necessary to play along with songs, record their instruments or just listen to music without having to change set-ups or cables.

SoundTech AMP3 features:

  • Instrument Amp, computer and MP3 speaker combo
  • 4 Amp Sounds - Clean, Hot Tube, Over Drive and High Gain
  • Integrated instrument tuner
  • Connect MP3 player, CD player or computer
  • Ability to jam-along with MP3s and computer audio
  • Tone/Expander control
  • Line-out for easy recording (allows seamless integration with LightSnake)
  • Includes extension speaker
  • Headphone jack
  • AC or DC Portable with 9V Battery
  • Includes AC adaptor
  • Includes 9V battery for portable use
  • Amplifier dimensions: 3 3/16" W x 6 1/16" L x 5 1/4" H
For more information, visit their web site at

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