SolidGoldFX Unveils Devil Drive Jeff Waters Signature Overdrive

November 14, 2011
imgHeating up their line of premium, handmade guitar effects, SolidGoldFX announces the new Jeff Waters signature “Devil Drive” overdrive pedal. The Devil Drive draws its roots from the classic OD-1 overdrive that Jeff has used since the very beginning to achieve the tight, articulate metal tones that he and his legendary band, Annihilator, are known for.

Jeff Waters’ guitar playing and song writing mastery have either been acknowledged by, or influenced, many of the well-known players and bands in Rock and Heavy Metal, including artists as diverse as Megadeth, Children of Bodom, 3 Doors Down, and Lamb of God. Annihilator is also the #1 best-selling Canadian metal act ever and, rightfully, Jeff was recently voted 3rd Best Guitarist in the prestigious book “100 Greatest Metal Guitarists” by famed author Joel McIver. The Devil Drive is not your typical, obnoxious sounding metal pedal; it doesn’t boast extremely high levels of gain, scooped mids or insane bass. Instead it is designed to be layered and textured with heavy hitting, hard rock amps to deliver its scorching tone or used on its own for some bluesy bite. It features a simple 2 mode, 3 knob layout, true bypass switching and low-noise design. The tone is clear and focused with excellent string definition tight lows and smooth highs. Its drive ranges from clean boost to a hot overdrive. The Mode switch allows you to select either “Vintage” or “Modern” modes. In “Vintage” mode, only the Volume and Drive controls are active, while the “Modern” mode engages the Tone control and adds a slight increase in output gain for a hotter signal.

From Blues to Rock to Ultra-Heavy and Thrash Metal, the Devil Drive is sure to be a go-to and irreplaceable addition to your arsenal as it has been for Jeff Waters and the Annihilator sound.

SolidGoldFX Devil Drive features include:
•    Based on Jeff Waters’ secret weapon and built to his exact specifications
•    Custom Annihilator artwork
•    Medium gain, low noise overdrive
•    2 distinctly voiced modes for added versatility with a tight, focused tone
•    True bypass switching & 9-18VDC operation

The new SolidGoldFX Devil Drive carries a street price of $175 USD and can be purchased from authorized retailers. For more information or a list of dealers, please visit
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