December 1, 2010

gp1310_gear_snap1_nrDUNLOP MAX GRIP NYLON PICKS

One of the coolest picks to come along in a while, this spin on the time-honored Dunlop Nylon feels, plays, and sounds great. It features a subtle but effective grip area and comes in a variety of thicknesses. Jimmy Dunlop explains: “The grip is the obvious thing, but we also looked at the beveled edges, the tip, and the shape for a truly balanced pick.” $5.43 retail for a pack of 12. —Matt Blackett











gp1310_gear_snap2_nrMOTU ZBOX

Amp modelers offer convenience and increasingly accurate sound, but for many their “feel” remains lacking. The ZBox ($39 street) deals with this issue by matching the output impedance (“Z”) of the guitar to the input impedance of amplifiers, mixers, effects processors, etc.. Its circuits emulate the two-jack switching network in some guitar amps, and employ an analog simulation of the input tube grid. I found it added immediacy and natural sag to the response of AmpliTube and Guitar Rig. So if you haven’t been feeling your modeling software, this may be the answer. — Michael Ross







gp1310_gear_snap3_nrSNARK SN-1 CLIP-ON CHROMATIC TUNER

The Snark SN-1 ($19 street) clips onto the headstock and features a 360-degree swiveling head that makes it easy to see the multi-color LCD screen. The SN-1 has a pitch reference range of 415Hz to 466Hz, and it includes a Transpose function, a visual metronome, and a power saving feature that turns the unit off if no notes are detected for two minutes. —Art Thompson












One-stop shopping for guitar cleaning, polishing, waxing, and protecting, the Guitar ONE ($10.99 retail) is a biodegradable, ecofriendly way to get a “show perfect” shine in one easy step. Armed with their microfiber cloth ($6.99 retail), I sprayed a particularly grungy guitar, applied some elbow grease, and voila! It was gleaming. The stuff even smells nice too. —Matt Blackett

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