Snap Judgements

May 1, 2010

gp0510_gearhand_guitarARTIOLI DESIGNS  VOICE CAPO

This device covers the first four frets of your neck, and allows you to create open-string voicings to play over, such as openEmaj7. It’s an interesting idea—and it could be a cool overdubbing tool—but only if you’re patient enough to deal with its quirks: clunky implementation, inconsistent fretting, etc. I’m not, but with a couple of design tweaks I might reconsider. — Matt Blackett






Danos are always cool. The Modified ($349 street) switches out the wood bridge for a tunable nickel style, and it sounds as snappy, punchy, and articulate as other lipstick-fueled Danoelectro models. The Psychedelic ($399 street) is based on a 59-DC Clapton played in Blind Faith, but the hand-painted color collage is definitely an acquired taste and the paint on the fretboard feels weird. —Michael Molenda










I used the German original in the ’80s for silly stage tricks—including an unexpected one where the guitar snapped up and clubbed me in the jaw. Happily, the new Levy’s No. 1 ($19 street) is less springy, and it feels very comfortable—especially when slinging heavy guitars. If you leap around, however, the stretch action will jostle your guitar somewhat. —Michael Molenda








gp0510_gear_riser2STAGE TRIX  PEDAL RISERS

Pedal Risers ($16 retail) allow you to perch a second row of pedals higher than the first row for easier access, and less chance of unintentionally switching something on. The Risers also make it possible to route audio and power cables under pedals for a cleaner look, and they attach easily to your board and pedals via heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners. —Art Thompson
















gp0510_gearvoodooVOODOO LAB  PEDAL POWER ISO

Designed to properly run all 9-volt vintage pedals and the new high-current digital boxes from Eventide, TC Electronic, and others, the ISO 5 ($109 street) packs three isolated 9-VDC outputs, two high-current outs (300mA @ 9- and 12-VDC) and a dedicated 18-volt out. This super-quiet linear supply provides clean, consistent power regardless of AC line conditions. Cables included. —Art Thompson

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