Snap Judgements November 2010

November 1, 2010

Glendale’s Intone Cutting Edge brass compensated Telecaster saddles ($57 direct) install in minutes and are precision machined. I set up the action and saddle length by sight, and even without a tuner I could tell my Tele was intonating better up and down the neck. The tuner then confirmed as much, and a couple of screwdriver turns later, I was more in tune than ever! glendaleguitars.comDarrin Fox









If you’ve ever been dismayed by the damage that cutting strings—especially bass strings—can inflict on ordinary diagonal cutters, you need to get CruzTOOLS’ GrooveTech String Cutters ($10), which features a special induction heat treatment process that prevents the blades from being dented. The rubber grips are very comfortable and the design provides plenty of leverage for a quick cut. cruztools.comArt Thompson












gp1110_gear_snap_2_nrVOVOX SONORUS CABLE
Featuring solid-core conductors comprising highly pure metals and polymers, this low-capacitance cable offers impressive clarity and definition. Hand assembled in Switzerland, the Sonorus has a light, flexible feel and it sports heavy-duty GH plugs with abundant strain relief. Environmentally minded players will also appreciate that the rugged woven jacket contains no PVC or plasticizers. vovox.comArt Thompson









gp1110_gear_snap_4_nrPAIGE CLIK CAPO
The Paige Clik ($19 street) has a tension adjustment screw that lets you tighten just enough to ensure the strings ring clearly. A button then provides instant release so that you can quickly relocate the capo. The Paige worked extremely well, gripping the strings evenly in any position, and it stores neatly behind the nut when not in use. paigecapo.comMichael Ross

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