Smart Loops Releases Apple Loops Version of Pro Drum Works Vol. 1

June 8, 2005

Pro Drum Works is also available in an ACID-format edition, for use with ACID, SONAR, Cubase, and any other ACID-compatible software.

Pro Drum Works Volume One is a massive drum loop library that lets musicians and producers quickly create drum tracks for a wide range of rock and pop music. Pro Drum Works is organized into three separate Drum Kits: Acoustic Kit, Thunder Kit, and Trap Kit. The entire collection includes over 3,000 unique grooves and fills, each performed on all three Kits, for a total over 9,000 loops and samples. Users can copy and paste drum grooves as is, or mix and match loops within each kit to create a virtually unlimited number of possible drum tracks.

Each Drum Kit provides a distinctive sound suited for particular musical styles: Acoustic Kit: Acoustic standard size drums recorded dry, with no effects. EQ and compression applied to enhance the natural quality of the drums, and to provide a little punch common in various rock music styles.

Thunder Kit: Acoustic drums recorded with powerful effects and processing to create big sounding drum tracks for today's aggressive rock styles.

Trap Kit: Acoustic drums using smaller drum sizes, and tuned for a unique small, up-front type of sound. This drum sound has been popular in styles ranging from acid-jazz to R&B Hip-Hop. Minimal EQ and processing applied.


  • Over 3,000 unique grooves and fills, performed on three different drum kits, for a total of over 9,000 loops
  • Includes 3 complete Drum Kits: Acoustic Kit, Thunder Kit, and Trap Kit
  • Quickly create drum tracks for studio sessions, radio and TV spots, CDs or any other recording project
  • Use grooves as is, or mix and match to create an unlimited number of possible drum tracks
  • Includes loops for pickups, intros, fills, verses, choruses, bridge sections, and endings
  • Includes individual "one shot" samples at multiple velocities for each drum and cymbal
  • All crash cymbals separate from grooves and fills so you can add them only where you need them
  • All drum loops performed live by professional session drummer and Pearl Drums artist Frank Basile
  • Loops optimized for time-stretching between a 75-150 bpm tempo range
  • Create pro-quality drum tracks for rock, hard rock, funk, reggae, metal, punk, pop, country, and other musical styles; comes with cut-time, double-time, side-stick, tom and train beats, more
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