Shaker Vibrato

April 22, 2011

The Shaker ($129 street) is a monaural design that provides classic pitch-modulation vibrato and a Latch mode (engaged with a 3-position mini toggle) that produces the vibrato effect when you depress and hold the footswitch. In this mode, the Rise Time control adjusts how fast the effect comes on, allowing you to dial-in Lesliestyle effects that mimic the way a rotor sounds as it spools up to speed. Set to Vibrato mode, the Shaker offers everything from subtle, vocal-like inflections to blurry sounding rotary-speaker effects to heavily pitchwarped timbres.

The Latch function is very hip, allowing you to insert a faux whammy warble that builds under your fingers with a slower Rise Time setting, or fire off a ’50s-style ray gun sound with the Speed and Depth controls cranked and Rise Time set for a fast response. The Shaker is rich, dimensional, and extremely quiet. This great-sounding vibrato can add some sweet textures to rhythm parts that have a different personality than chorusing or phasing, and its features and well-implemented controls make it a very flexible pedal.

KUDOS Stellar range of vibrato effects. Superb sound quality.

CONCERNS Could not get TonePrint to load.


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