Seymour Duncan Announces World's Largest Musical Treasure Hunt

December 30, 2011
imgSeymour Duncan has teamed up with Godin, Cort, Richmond Guitars, Schecter Guitars, Jarrell Guitars, US Music Corp, and several artists to bring you an adventurous journey full of amazing tone treasures just waiting to be discovered.

"Many people have theorized through the ancient Mayan calendars that 2012 is, in fact, the end of the world. However, we believe that 2012 is a year in which many will find their tone. This hunt represents a chance for everyone to discover new tone tools—and some incredible treasure." — David Orpheus, MMXI

The Great Tone Treasure Hunt is conducted online and through It begins at the stroke of midnight (PST) at the beginning of the new year. Each hunt has three clues. Once you've solved them, submit your answers through the "Dig for Treasure" menu. Once we have a winner, we'll announce the prize and the answers — and then another hunt will begin, with exciting new prizes!
The countdown has begun. Join The Great Tone Treasure Hunt at
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