Setting Up the Allen & Heath Zed-10FX with Pro Tools 9 on a Mac

January 3, 2012
Because Pro Tools cannot assign separate Input and Output paths, you need to select the Pro Tools Aggregate I/O in order to use the Zed-10FX with version 9 on a Mac. Here’s how to set that up:

1. Launch Audio MIDI Setup (Applications folder -> Utilities folder).
2. On the left side, select Pro Tools Aggregate I/O.
3. On the right side, you’ll see the name USB Audio Codec twice. One represents Input, the other output. Click in the box next to both so you see a check mark.
4. Remove the check mark in the Resample box next to the input.
5. Close Audio MIDI Setup.
6. Launch Pro Tools 9.
7. Under the Setup menu, open the Playback Engine dialog box.
8. At the top where it says Current Engine, select Pro Tools Aggregate I/O, then hit OK.
9. Under the Setup menu, select I/O.
10. Select Input, then press the Default button to create a Stereo input path.
11. Next, create two mono paths to record your guitar by hitting the New Path button. Type in the number of mono channels you want (I chose 2), then hit Create. You should see that Input 2 and 3 have been added to the matrix.
12. On the Input 2 line, click in the empty box below the “L” so that you add an “M” below it. For the Input 3 line, click in the empty box below the “R” to add an “M”. Now you’ve assigned your mono inputs.
13. Click on the Output button at the to of the screen and hit the Default button. You should see Built-in Output 1-2.
14. Hit OK.
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