SC 58

February 25, 2011

One of the big hits of Experience PRS was the SC 58, a guitar that represents PRS’ latest effort to replicate the magic of a vintage Les Paul. Replacing the previous SC 245, the SC 58 has many endearing qualities that make it a worthy choice for anyone who revels in the classic mahogany/maple, dual-humbucker format. The SC 58 has an awesome neck with a more ergonomically contoured heel than you find on the McCarty 58. It comes with a great setup, and will almost certainly sound more in tune than any Les Paul. It is also the only guitar in the PRS line to feature volume and tone controls for both pickups—a detail that gives it more sonic flexibility than you get with the standard configuration of master volume and tone controls. There are no coil-splitting options on the SC 58, but that’s probably not an issue for players who simply want the ability to blend sounds in the dual pickup setting.

Thanks to its new Two Piece bridge, I expected the SC 58 to sustain more than our resident SC 245, but there was surprisingly little difference in how long notes rang out on both guitars when plucked acoustically. Where the SC 58 bests its older sibling, however, is in the amplified realm. The new 57/08 pickups deliver noticeably more clarity, shimmer, and harmonic richness than the previous units, making everything you play sound juicier and more detailed. The huge amount of R&D that PRS has put into nailing the salient characteristics of vintage PAF humbuckers has paid off, giving the SC 58 a solid advantage over previous Singlecut models.

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