Roundup! 5 Pedals From Providence

January 30, 2014

Last year, Providence sent us a box of pedals, but aside from the Provolt9 power supply, we waited until now to run these reviews because the company hadn’t secured stateside distribution at the time. Now, the full line is finally available in the U.S.

Final Booster FBT-1 Full-Range Booster

Not intended to “fatten” or “warm” your tone, or emphasize either lows, mids, or highs like some other boosters, the Final Booster is an extremely linear booster pedal with a single level control that adds crispness and clarity even at its lower gain settings (unity gain is found at its minimum setting), and is also great for pushing a tube amp into sweet, succulent overdrive. This is a pedal you’ll miss enormously once you click it off, though it also contains the Vitalizer buffer circuit, which, as with all Providence pedals that carry it, maintains your sonic integrity even when bypassed.

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