Rosignolo Guitar Professional

March 14, 2005

Designed specifically to clean and wax a variety of guitar finishes (as well as chrome and plastics), Rosignolo’s Professional Care System for guitars ($25 retail/street price N/A) consists of one bottle each of Cleaner, Polish, and Detailer, each with its own specialized micro-fiber application cloth (no more getting busted for using a clean towel to polish your ax!). The Step 1 Cleaner is formulated to remove old waxes, smudges, and minor scratches and scruffs, Step 2 Polish is a carnauba wax formulation designed to feed nutrients back into the finish, and the Step 3 Detailer is a light carnauba formula that protects against UV damage, repels water and sweat, and is positively charged to resist dust and fingerprints. To test these products, I selected an old sunburst Kay flat-top, which was in pretty good shape apart from a dull, sticky finish—the result of not having not been cleaned in years. By following the instructions and taking care to work in the Step 2 product before it began to haze, I was rewarded with a finish that was probably better than new. The body positively gleamed and the neck felt silky smooth. I’m impressed—this stuff kicks butt.

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