Red Box Compressor

March 22, 2011

gp0311_gear_4665_nrFeaturing Output and Sensitivity controls, the Red Box ($170 retail/$130 street) is a not-sosubtle tip o’ the hat to the classic MXR Dyna Comp. Quiet as hell and insanely natural sounding, even in highly squashed settings, the Red Box may just make you think about adding stompbox compression to your bag of tricks. With both controls halfway up, clean tones rang out long and clear without any super-effected squashing or pumping. In fact, without an LED, in a live situation you may not be able to tell if the Red Box is on, depending on how subtle it’s set.

More drastic settings yielded some sweet snap for stabbing funk chords or popping chicken-pickin’ parts. Amazingly, with everything dimed, the Red Box squeezed the life out of a decaying chord, sustaining it for days without the noise floor creeping up as the notes faded. Very impressive, and a reminder as to why some gear comes and goes while some pedals stand the test of time.













gp0311_gear_4674_nrKUDOS Smooth, sweet, and quiet compression.












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