Radial Engineering Launches New Brand—Forest Audio

December 22, 2008
Vancouver BC, Canada – Radial Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of Forest Audio, a new division of Radial engineering that will focus on top-end audio devices for studio and live touring. According to Radial President Peter Janis, “Back in 1978, we started our first company and it was called Forest Electronics in homage to William DeForest the inventor of the vacuum tube. Forest will include a variety of professional audio devices that will cater specifically to the professional musician, the engineer and producer.” http://www.guitarplayer.com/uploadedImages/guitarplayer/Forest F15.jpgThe first product that will be released is the Forest F15 instrument preamplifier. This is a class-A device with a unique feed-forward design that totally eliminates the use of circuit stabilizing negative feedback in the DI section.  The result is unmatched sonic clarity. The Forest will also sport many new features that have never been seen on a instrument preamp before. This includes remote phantom powering for instrument microphones, Drag Control load correction, built-in re-amping capabilities, selectable inputs for quick instrument changes and a line level output to allow the F15 to drive a power amp. Janis continues, “We plan to launch two more Forest products within the next 90 days including the highly anticipated Q6 counter-coil EQ, and the F11 Quad-Tube preamp.”

For more information, visit www.radialeng.com <http://www.radialeng.com/> 

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