Q Lighting Bil-lites and Maestro

March 14, 2005

If you’ve ever gripped a flashlight with your teeth as you fumbled behind an amp, or if you’ve squinted at a poorly illuminated piece of sheet music on a gig, you’re sure to appreciate these cleverly designed battery-powered LED lights from Q Lighting. The smallest member of the trio, the Bil-Lite ($20 retail/street price N/A) clips to the bill of your cap and is powered by a pair of easy to find and affordable CR2032

3-volt lithium coin batteries. A fully adjustable swivel mount lets you aim the Bil-Lite’s narrow beam right where you need it, and it’s also available in a variety of body colors (the more brightly colored units are less likely to be misplaced on a darkened stage).

Powered by three AAA batteries, the larger Luxeon Super Bil-Lite ($40 retail/street price N/A) projects a brighter and wider beam than its smaller sibling, but it weighs more as well. I discovered the Super Bil-Lite’s extra weight was less noticeable when clipped to the side of the bill, instead of the front. The Maestro ($40 retail/street price N/A) music-stand light is similar to the Super Bil-Lite, except it’s fitted with an adjustable metal arm. They’re both equipped with ultra-bright Luxeon LEDs, but while the Super Bil-Lite’s LED projects through a beam-focusing lens, the Maestro’s LED protrudes slightly for broader and more diffused coverage. It’s quite impressive as it easily illuminates two full pages of music, even in the darkest environments. Browse the website for more Q Lighting models and accessories.

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