PRS Sunburst 22(2)

May 11, 2009
PRS SunburstThe review model we received weighs a mere 7.2 lbs and wears a beautiful double-sunburst nitro-cellulous lacquer finish. This guitar arrived with a great setup and it plays amazingly well. The intonation is spot-on too, which means you can play anywhere on the neck without worrying about compensating for out-of-tune notes. The silky feeling frets and low action make for easy bending, and the Sunburst’s floating trem is buttery smooth and it stays in tune very well.
The Sunburst 22’s pickups offer an excellent top-to-bottom balance and plenty of output. They have sweet treble, a tight, full bottom, and stay focused and firm when played though a distorted amp or pedal. The neck pickup’s voicing is ideal for anything from jazz to womany-sounding Clapton-style lead tones, and bridge unit just nails it for grinding rhythm work and thick, sustaining solos. The Tone control has a push-pull function that splits the pickups for a single-coil type response, and this gives the Sunburst 22 an airy crispness to its sound that complements the beefier tones it delivers in full humbucker mode. In all aspects, the Sunburst 22 is an impressive guitar. It’s a lot of fun to play and it looks and sounds fantastic. If you’re in the market for a new PRS, you should definitely give this new model a try. —Art Thompson


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